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About Us

Speciality Coffee for Every Taste

This coffee is the result of our love & labor at our estate in Theralu, South Coorg!

Our single origin coffee has been grown sustainably under the shade of native tree species, which enhances their flavor. Our farm harbors a rich diversity of flora & fauna characteristic of the Western Ghats.

We hope you enjoy drinking this coffee as much as we enjoyed growing it!

Our Coffee Blends

Better Coffee for a Better World

In a world where there is a greater emphasis on local consumption and knowing where our food comes from, we offer Firefly coffee!! Our coffee is grown in an estate where there is greater emphasis on a natural way of cultivation rather than current practices which apply chemical & synthetic inputs in a bid to maximize output.


We sell only what we grow and we grow it with love!



Are you a Coffee lover then you know very well that this is not just a drink but an emotion. so contact us to set your mood right with the right blend!

Call us at - + 91 89 0407 3570

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